When To Replace Your Mattress?

If your mattress has been around for a while, it may be time to replace it. Sometimes it’s time to trade it in for a new model because it’s grown uncomfortable and saggy because of wear-and-tear.

Other times, a change is needed because the person who sleeps there has changed. When people get older, for example, they may begin to require more support so need a firmer one.

If a person has gained weight or suffered some sort of back injury, his or her existing bed might not be comfortable anymore.

One thing’s for certain€”humans spend nearly a third of their lives on their bed and if it’s not comfortable, it will decrease quality of life. Here are some things to think about:

Lifespan of a Mattress

Mattresses typically last from five to seven years. This will vary, however, depending on the original quality, how often it’s slept in and the sleeping habits of the person who sleeps there.

Top quality products will last longer than bottom-of-the-line models. One that’s in the guest room will naturally last longer because of being used much less often.

The weight and sleeping habits of a person or couple who inhabit the bed will also play a part in its lifespan. If the individual weighs 250 pounds and the couple weighs 450 together, that bed is going to be wearing out more quickly.

If the sleeper thrashes around or if it’s used by kids who like to jump on it, the fabric and springs will give out much quicker than one owned by a docile and peaceful person.


Getting Rid of the Old One

One of the best ways of disposing of the old product is by having it hauled away by the delivery person. Many stores offer this service as part of their delivery practice.

They will likely haul it to the dump or recycling plant where the coils and frame may be used for creating recycled beds.

If your old dinosaur is shot, don’t donate it to a thrift store or leave it in an alley. People who buy it from the thrift store may end up with bad backs, too. Leaving it in the alley is basically littering, so don’t do that either.

Buying a New One

When shopping for a new one, it’s important to find a store that specializes in mattresses so they will have lots of options to try out and select from.

You’ll want to research the size, brand and quality you want and then do a bit of testing. In order to really know what’s going to work, a person or couple must spend some time lying on a few for comparison. You can’t just poke it with your finger.

You have to lie down, turn over and even take a short nap. This is a major purchase that will affect your well-being for years so it’s crucial to do your homework.

If you think it’s time for a new mattress because yours is sagging in the middle and you’re waking up with an achy back, you are probably right. Start shopping around and find the best one for your purposes.

Willie D. Jones

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