The Lucid 10-inch Memory Foam Mattress Review

Features and Comfort Level Explained

Memory foam mattresses are your best bet when you are searching a way out of sore backs and sleepless nights. A memory foam mattress gives your body the much-needed backup it needs to stay healthy.

By putting a revolutionary technology into use, these foams withstand the test of time to provide you the comfort you seek.

Besides the core material of polyurethane, others like Latex can be added to enhance the performance of these mattresses to suit the needs of the consumers. LUCID Memory Foam Mattresses with 10 inches of thickness provides the great alternative for all those Gel Memory Mattresses.

Making of Memory Foam Mattresses

The technology that goes into the making of Lucid Memory Foam Mattresses is amazing. Lucid Combines NASA’s technique of manufacturing memory foams for space gravity negotiation for their product.

They take in Visco-Elastic Memory foam with polyurethane and add Latex in the mix. This makes the mattress plushy for people who want a soft alternative to sleep on.

Believe or not, it makes the sleeping a sound experience. The smell that is so commonly heard of from these foams is also not there.

The latex covers 3 inches of the total 10-inch thick foam. The following 7 inches is the base that is made from polyurethane.

The Lucid 10-inch Memory Foam Mattress

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Lucid 10-inch Memory Foam Mattress – The Benefits

The Lucid 10-inch Memory Foam Mattress is available in Full XL, Twin, Twin XL, the Queen, King and even in California King sizes.

Therefore, you have a wide array of mattresses you can pick from. Few additional perks of owning one of these are for one, these things are made of Latex, which is of course by nature a resilient substance.

It counters dust mites and allergens naturally. Secondly, the mattresses are good at responding to your body heat, which makes you have great sleep in a bed. Latex molds itself according to the heat to eliminate body stress and soreness.

While sleeping in a latex made Lucid 10 inch Memory Foam Mattress, you will feel it spongier than any other normal memory foam. The experience can be best described as “Floating in mid air”.

It responds well to the body and supports the necks. Additionally, it provides relief to the pressure joints of your body. Another thing is that Latex adjusts to the loft well.

When you take off the pressure you applied to the mattress, it returns to the original state it was in before you were laid on it.

This memory foam mattress is made keeping air circulation in mind. The latex used doesn’t keep the heat generated from the body inside the mattress.

Lucid 10-inch Memory Foam Mattress is Certi-PUR-USA certified. That means the makers testify for its environmental friendliness, the material’s quality and the quality of the overall making process.

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Another thing that sets the mattress apart from the rest is the warranty period. One can enjoy a warranty period of 25 years for this mattress.

That just shows how confident the makers are for the quality of Lucid Memory Foam Mattress. The warranty applies to all mattresses of Lucid regardless of the size.

Final Verdict

I’d take up the chance to recommend Lucid 10-inch Memory foam Mattress to anyone who is looking for supreme comfort while sleeping.

Lucid is a lot cheaper than any other memory foam brands and if you want, you can avail a frame and a set of box springs if you want to.

My personal experience is, even if you are a stomach sleeper, this mattress will serve you equally good. It stayed firm even after 11th year for me and I am looking for few more years for it to remain sharp. All of you are welcome to try it.

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