King Serta iComfort EverFeel Mattress Review

Serta iComfort EverFeel Mattress comes with EverFeel™ Technology, and Cool Action™ Duel Support®. What these two do is contour your body according to your size.

The cool action™ helps your body to cool down. Certain pressure points of your body are targeted and provided pressure relieving support by this mattress.

The ComfortLast® technology features at the base of this king-sizemattress. The box springs are also included with the product, and they are small.

The prices of this mattress start from $$$ and it come with 25 years of the warranty period for the consumers to take advantage of the product.

King Serta iComfort EverFeel MattressFeatures

The Boxsprings which I spoke off are two in total, and they are of 9 inches in height. One interesting feature of the mattress is that it is specifically designed to be used as a one-sided mattress. The mattress won’t need flipping. Although, you will have to rotate the mattress periodically.

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Ultimate Edge™ support ensures that no one falls from the edge of the mattress. The Motion Restriction feature of this mattress is there to restrict one’s movement to a minimum while asleep, so that the other partner will not be bothered too much.

The Bed Frame is sold separately so if you want the whole bed, it will cost you some money, but it is worth it. If you purchase the bed frame, be sure to order the one made with furniture grade lumber and temperature resistant durable steel. The product weighs a little over 80 pounds or so.

The Positives This Mattress Has

Over at Sam’s Club website, this mattress has received 80% rating due to user satisfaction. This is a US made mattress.

That means, you will save on shipping when you order from within the country also the arrival time will be quick. If you are a back sleeper, you are in luck.

This mattress has received 2.5 rating in comfort scale. This goes to show how good this mattress is for you. Sleep on it for one or two years, your back-pains will be history.

This is not exactly memory foam. It is poly foam, which does the replication of memory foam. It is a mixture of two types of gel beads. That works to keep your body cool and pressure free.

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Now the Negatives

For one, it is too pricy for some people to buy. There are other complaints from the users too. First of all, some of the users complained the mattress to be a little shorter than it claimed to be.

Consumers always have a hard time adjusting to the firmness of such bed and in this case, the bed sunk few people in. They complained the mattress gets warm sooner (in almost 20 to 30 minutes).

But all these things do vary from user to user. Basically for the taller people, I’d advise California King Serta iComfort Everfeel Mattress.

Summary of the Whole Review

I am always in favor of checking before buying. People complain because they don’t check frequently before ordering the mattress.

I’d advise you to go through all the details carefully and the perks plus disadvantages of a certain mattress size before you order to avoid a misfire regarding purchasing.

The pillows that I tested were great. But I did face some problems myself first up when I didn’t know all the gibberish about the mattress. Staying ahead by researching always helps. Buy Serta Mattress only after you know what is better for you!

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