Full Serta iComfort Revolution Mattress Review: Is It Good for Side Sleepers?

When it comes to competing with DreamFoam, Serta is one mattress company that comes to my mind. They took Plush comfort to the next level with their next line of products.

The company has combined EverCool® Memory Foam Cool ActionTM Dual Effects® Gel memory foam with their iComfort technology.

The foam will release the pressure from targeted points of your body. The mattress also cools your body down using EverFeelTM technology, which really makes a difference in terms of feel and sleeping pattern.

Unique Features of Full Serta iComfort Revolution Mattress

The first feature of the mattress has to be its price. You can afford one mattress, and the price depends upon the size you order.

Full Serta iComfort Revolution mattress comes at a price of $$$$ only. But you can afford one at a lower cost if you are purchasing the same mattress of different size. The cost starts from $$$ and ranges to $$$

Full Serta iComfort Revolution Mattress

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You can choose between various models of firmness and soft mattresses. The mattress comes with motion isolation. Meaning, if two people sleep on a mattress, one will not be disturbed by the presence of another. You will have an odor free mattress. There is no initial odor of the mattress.

People who have greater weight, might feel at ease after buying Serta Full iComfort revolution mattress. It supports weight of up to 200 lbs.

You can also feel safe because it won’t let you fall off the edge once you reach the edge of the mattress when you are asleep.

It has the warrantee of 10 years, and it is a limited one. The mattress gives great support and there are only 144 complaints in the past three years.

This number is below average when we are speaking of a great company like Serta. So everything just adds up nicely.

Few Negative Points

The full size mattress is heavy in weight. Such heavyweight mattresses are generally hard to move around. Some consumers reported that the mattress is smaller than it supposed to be in dimensions.

The mattress can be a little too conforming for people. As a result, this full-size Serta iComfort mattress might restrict your movements.

Few customers also complained that they had peaks and downs in the mattress, and the surface was uneven. That is caused by mattress meltdown in places. So, apparently, the mattress soaks up different levels of heat in different places.

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For me, it is the price. $$$ for a new mattress is a bit too much for me to bear. The memory foam mattress is usually known for comfort and the ease of sleeping.

But never for high price. In this department, Sealy, Tempurpedic and other mattresses beat iComfort from Serta. Their biggest competition, however, is DreamFoam.

Final Verdict…

It is a pricy mattress. Some people might opt out for that sole reason. But there are other customers who have recovered from serious physical conditions due to frequent using of .

For example, people troubled by Fibromyalgia are sleeping much better using Serta than the previous mattress they slept on.

The mattress offers you 120 days of a trial period so that you can use it and get to know the quality of the mattress before you decide on buying this one!

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