5 Best Mattress Topper – Reviews and Top Picks 2018

When it comes to getting a good night’s rest, top quality bedding is recommended. However, what happens when you cannot shell out the money for an expensive mattress? After all, aren’t quality mattresses essential for restful sleep and better health?

Thankfully, several mattress companies have come up with a great solution for you- mattress topper’s. As the name suggests, a mattress topper is placed over your mattress so that you can have improved comfort and support as you sleep.

The beauty of these mattress topper’s is that they can be used with any standard mattress, meaning that you do not have to spend the big bucks on a new mattress. So if you are searching for a mattress topper that will guarantee the sleep of baby’s, then read the comprehensive reviews on best mattress toppers I have for you below.

The 5 Best Mattress Topper Comparison Table

Reviews of 5 Best Mattress Topper

1. Queen Size Mattress Pad Bed Topper

The mattress pad bed topper is a Memory Foam Solutions creation that has been designed to work with all queen sized mattresses (latex, memory foam, and spring). This topper immediately make your mattress more comfortable, so that you can have a restful night’s sleep.

The 3-inch topper is composed of 4lbs density memory foam, which molds to the contours of your body for better quality sleep. This memory foam also provides optimum support in bulging parts of the mattress, so that you do not have to feel the discomfort associated with lumps.

Furthermore, the memory foam works tirelessly to relieve pressure in your joints, so that you do not spend the night tossing and turning. As if that is not amazing enough, the topper is made using eco-friendly materials, and currently exceeds certification standards set by PURGreen.

If you are not sure what PURGreen certification is, it simply outlines the manufacturing, fabrication, and packaging process that occurs in the U.S.A. It also ensures that harmful chemicals and ozone-depleting compounds are not present in your topper.

Features at a Glance

  • Instantly makes any pad a lot of relaxing, comfy and appurtenant in lax areas of pad.
  • 3-Inch of additional appurtenant 4-Pounds memory foam conforms to your body absolutely.
  • Made within the USA mistreatment enviromentally friendly processes.
  • Exceeds PURGreen certification standards.
  • Memory foam reduces pressure points that cause you to toss and switch, therefore you sleep higher.

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2. Sleep Better 2-Inch Mattress Topper

If you want to sleep better, then the 2-inch Sleep Better mattress topper is definitely the way to go. This ultra-affordable memory foam topper is innovative in its design, so that nighttime discomfort is reduced dramatically.

The next generation mattress topper has been constructed with memory foam (visco elastic), which naturally cradles your body so that you are comfortable as you sleep. In fact, the memory foam material will adjust to the shape of your body as you move, so that the topper always complements your form.

The memory foam topper also promotes restful sleep by reducing pressure points in your body, through the even distribution of body weight. In this way, you will not find that one part of your body is supporting more weight than the other.

Additionally, this king sized topper makes use of open-cell foam, which has breathable properties so that the body is kept cool during hotter seasons.

The hypo-allergenic mattress topper also has orthopedic features, making it great for pregnant women, the elderly, bed-confined individuals, and hospital occupants.

Features at a Glance

  • 2-inch further firm pad topper from Sleep higher.
  • 100 percent foam.
  • Adds an additional level of comfort and support to a mattress or sofa bed.
  • Provides 1-4/9 pounds of density per volume unit.
  • Full size measures 52 by 73 by a pair of inches.

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3. Lucid 3-Inch Mattress Topper

If you want to rest easy, then the extremely popular 3-inch mattress topper from Lucid is the way to go. This queen sized topper is constructed using premium quality memory foam- if you don’t believe me press your hand on the topper and watch as your imprint is left behind.

The 3-inch thick memory foam is neither too solid or too soft; instead it is the perfect combination of comfort and support.

The Lucid memory foam topper will adapt to the weight and pressure applied, so that you experience amazing comfort as you sleep. This is supplemented by the open cell technology which works to ensure longer-lasting body impressions.

Additionally, the mattress topper supports the natural curve of your body, so that your spine is correctly aligned, and your head, shoulders, and neck are properly braced. Last but not least, the materials of the topper are resistant to dust mites and allergens, which is great for your health.

Features at a Glance

  • 3″ Thick 100 percent premium memory foam mattress topper.
  • Naturally immune to allergens and dirt mites.
  • Lucid memory foam formula offers superior comfort aned pressure relief.
  • Open cell technology prevents lasting body impressions.

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4. Sleep Joy 2-inch ViscO2 Ventilated Mattress Topper

When it comes to ventilated mattress topper’s, the 2-inch Sleep Joy ViscO2 should definitely be at the top of your list. This mattress topper promises to increase your quality of sleep exponentially, by improving the comfort of your mattress.

The affordable 2-inch topper is made using breathable Visco02, which is actually an advanced high performing memory foam courtesy of Sleep Joy.

This breakthrough open cell memory foam technology works to improve temperature control and increase air flow by up to 5 times, so that you can have a more comfortable sleep.

Furthermore, the the improved air circulation prevents overheating by using 3 air channel zones, which enhance air flow at the head and feet while adding support to the torso. The comfortable memory foam also provides pressure relief, for a more restful night.

Lastly, Sleep Joy has used plant-based ingredients in the king sized mattress topper, which are more environmentally friendly and less likely to cause allergies.

Features at a Glance

  • Breathable, open cell ViscO2 aired memory foam mattress topper.
  • Formula uses plant-based ingredients.
  • Provides comfort and pressure relief to cut back moving and turning.
  • Spot clean solely, don’t machine wash or dry.
  • 100% polymer.

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5. Sleep Better 3-inch Mattress Topper

The 3-inch mattress topper from Sleep better is a next generation queen sized memory foam creation. This well-designed mattress topper works to reduce tossing and turning as you sleep, ensuring that you have a restful night.

As you already know the mattress topper is constructed using memory foam (visco elastic), which conforms to your body shape so that you can be comfortable as you sleep. This hypo-allergenic memory foam also alleviates pressure on your joints, so that you can always wake up feeling reinvigorated.

The open-cell foam construction of the topper promotes breathability, so that your body remains cool at all temperatures. This improved air circulation is also healthy for your body.

Additionally, the therapeutic mattress topper is perfect for everyone looking for a customized fit, as weight distribution is always balanced with Sleep Better.

Features at a Glance

  • 3-inch additional firm mattress topper from Sleep higher
  • 100 percent foam
  • Adds an additional level of comfort and support to a pad or sofa bed
  • Provides 1-4/9 pounds of density per cubic foot
  • Twin size measures 38 by 73 by 3 inches

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Final Verdict

As you can see, when it comes to mattress topper’s there is a variety of top quality options to choose from. The 5 aforementioned mattress toppers are undoubtedly the best on the market, offering a comfortable and supportive design at an affordable rate.

So if you are having trouble sleeping and would like to have a restful night, the 5 best mattress topper’s above will help you along this path.

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